This women’s health event will highlight the latest research unique to female healthcare, as women face many unique, highly specialised health issues—including pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal issues. The webinar will address critical aspects of female wellness and therapeutic options to optimise women’s healthcare. Learn tangible solutions to complex challenges faced by women today, while becoming well-versed in wholistic integrative practices and techniques.

Attendees will go into a draw to win a basket of BioActiv Supplements and Compounding ingredients to the value of $400


Ann M. Vlass

Research Scientist, Holistic Health Practitioner. B.Sc (Hons) Uni Melb, B.HSc (Nat), Adv. Dip Herb, Adv. Dip Nut.Cert. Ayur Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurveda Dip Training (International), Cert Natural Fertility Management, Dip Bot Med, Dip Integrated Iridology.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, published Author and Educator, I strive to bring a unique and inspiring approach to both my clinical practice and educational events. With qualifications in Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Natural Fertility, I have a deep understanding of the body’s innate healing abilities and employ an array of holistic approaches, including ancient panchakarma cleansings, fasting and body rejuvenation procedures with a modern slant, to help my clients achieve optimal health in both mind and body.

In addition to my impressive qualifications, I have a diverse background that sets me apart. With years of experience as a professional actor and training in performance arts, I have honed my communication skills to convey complex scientific concepts with ease and creativity. My background in mainstream science with honors at the University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine and Department of Colorectal Medicine & Genetics at the Royal Melbourne Hospital provides me with a strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, the scientific methodology and its limitations, allowing me to integrate the latest research into my practice wisely.

I am proud to have presented at mainstream science and health conferences, congresses, and workshops, both in Australia and internationally, and to have been published in various journals. As an educator, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and expertise with both the public and healthcare professionals in the areas of holistic health and Ayurveda with a scientific understanding.

Above all, I am committed to helping my patients, especially those seeking non-invasive Fertility, achieve their unique health goals by providing personalised care that supports their body’s natural healing process, and helps create a better future prodigy. My passion for ancient wisdom and modern science allows me to create a dynamic, effective, and transformative experience for those who seek my guidance.

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