BioActiv Healthcare prides itself on providing Practitioners with unique, affordable and quality Complementary Medicines in todays modern times

BioActiv Product Range

Who is BioActiv HealthCare today?

BioActiv’s founder is Glen Gillard a well renowned Naturopath, Herbalist, Iridologist and Magnetic Therapist who has been in clinical practice and supporting the natural health industry for over 40 years. Starting his career in a health food store in Sydney and studying Naturopathy, Glen then moved to Melbourne and started his very own distribution company called Biochemico Pty Ltd, supplying praccies with Comp Meds for close to a decade. This grew rapidly and was taken over in 1990 when Glen took his family back to Brisbane to live and learn to be a Colon Hydro Therapist and built a special facility and cleansing detox clinic in Bardon. It was during these years he started consulting with natural health companies on formulations and regularly wrote feature articles for well-known health magazines. After many years of wearing several hats and riding the waves that came with them, Glen decided to sell up and swing over to more clinical work and research, as helping and educating patients is his passion. BioActiv Healthcare was born in 1996 when Glen saw a need in the market for quality practitioner only products that could only be sold in Queensland as a way of accessing unique natural therapeutics not regulated federally that he couldn’t currently source elsewhere and he felt his patients needed. He also pioneered Australia’s very first liposomal Vitamin C without chemical preservatives (BioActiv Lipo C) which is still much preferred as the best value and most efficacious available and a top seller for BioActiv. Now over two decades on, Glen is semi retiring and leaving his legacy to his daughter Ebba to continue. Ebba has grown up in the natural health industry and learnt every facet of it. She grew up working in the health food stores and distribution companies and went on to manage Natural Vitality Australia successfully before she had to relocate to the Gold Coast in 2011 and moved into Education. Now back in the health industry and running BioActiv Healthcare, she has great plans to grow and adapt this range so that it is in every clinicians dispensary.